A package enabling you to download all public data from the ECMWF servers

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) allows you to access its vast set of model data via a free account and a Python 3 package they provide as well. Unfortunately, a download limit of 30GB prevents the user to retrieve all public data. To circumvent this restriction, I wrote the package ecmwf_retrieve, which chops your request in small parts, sends all of them to the API of the ECMWF, and joins the retrieved data into one single file. »


Extreme value analysis on climatic time series using R

In this post I present my R package climex for fitting extreme value distributions. It provides improved fitting routines for the generalized extreme value (GEV) and generalized Pareto (GP) distribution to cope with numerical artifacts produced by other packages as well as a better error estimation and an easy handling of parallel calculation. »

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How much computer skills does a physicist need?

Computational skills are something almost every scientist has to offer nowadays. But unfortunately the least of us are actually trained in it. So most colleges (including me) took the autodidactic approach, a long road full of detours and wasted effort. For those of you who are already decent programmers but did not dived into a lot of languages and tools, I try to compile a summary of all the essential stuff I tried during my PhD in this post. »

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In my first blog post (yes!) I will cover my R package vasp2R. It is a based on some wrappers to import the results of the density functional theory (DFT) program VASP into R. There, all the advanced visualization features of the ggplot2 package can be utilized. »

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