How much computer skills does a physicist need?

Computational skills are something almost every scientist has to offer nowadays. But unfortunately the least of us are actually trained in it. So most colleges (including me) took the autodidactic approach, a long road full of detours and wasted effort. For those of you who are already decent programmers but did not dived into a lot of languages and tools, I try to compile a summary of all the essential stuff I tried during my PhD in this post. »

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Mensacard Hack Pt. II


In this post, unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you more exciting stuff about either the card itself or the app reading/writing it. Instead, I will provide you with some insights into the Cordova-based framework Ionic and why I recommend you to NOT use it. This may sounds quite boring, but this is how stories about the fugacity of software frameworks are. »

Mensacard Hack Pt. I


In this little series I will try to duplicate the RFID based card of my local cafeteria. On the way I will explore many nice tools and frameworks like the Android SDK, Apache Cordova, JavaScript based app programming, NFC/RFID technology, databases, and maybe even some Arduino related stuff. »