A layman’s guide to music production

The concepts behind recording, mixing, and mastering

All three topics, recording, mixing, and mastering, are covered by countless books, lectures, or blog posts each. But the bigger picture of at what stage of music production which technique is used, is rather hard to find. To fill this gap, I will provide you with a brief summary of those topics, their overall goals, and the basic techniques and tools used for achieving them. »

Recording audio using Linux systems Pt. II

The Linux sound servers

As for most other Linux subsystems the audio one grew naturally too. So you have quite a number of alternatives and different ways to achieve a goal. Not just in using different software, but also in the underlying sound servers. While this grants advanced users quite some flexibility, it’s almost threatening for beginners. That’s why the overall goal of this post is to provide you with a bigger picture of the main Linux sound servers. »

Recording audio using Linux systems Pt. I

General concepts, applications, and workflow

As much as I love the Linux system, its incredible amount of free and open-source software and distributions, and the whole supportive community providing awesome documentation etc., as much pain it was to migrate all my music recording and mixing from Windows to Linux. It cost me numerous sleepless nights and resulted in some quite discouraging failures during my first years of diving into open-source. In this post I want to provide a general overview about the landscape of Linux audio in both basic concepts and available software. »