What spectra do tell us

The impact of the amp and the microphone

One of the most important tools in digital signal processing, if not THE most important one, is the spectral analysis. In this post I discuss what it might unveil about the recording procedure. Should I just use the line-out of my amp? Or better a microphone picking up the signal of the amp? Well, which microphone then? An old friend always told me a good sound has to travel through air at least once. I want to find out why. »

Spectral analysis

Real-time spectral analysis in Linux using JACK

A very important part of digital signal processing (DSP) as well as music processing is to analyze the spectrum and the spectrogram of your recording. Even Audacity already can handle it. So let’s use it with Non Timeline or a general JACK-based environment too. In this blog post I will review the available software for creating spectra in Linux systems and how to deploy them. »