In this blog I will document my journey to find the perfect sound. I will cover Linux audio software, best practice in recording, mixing, and mastering, as well as some useful tools and hacks from the field of digital signal processing.


A bunch of tutorials, projects, and hacks in various computer languages and topics. Some reoccurring themes are the statistical programming language R, Emacs, and the handling of data in general.

Digital art

My humble attempt to produce some digital art (excluding music).

Some of my latest projects

Climex R package + shiny app

December 2017

A R package to perform a more robust extreme value analysis (EVA) on climatic time series. It also features a shiny web application to provide a convenient interface for people not familiar with either R or EVA.

Mensacard hack

February 2017

In this little project, I dived into the NFC technology in order to access the information of a local cafeteria card using both an Android phone and an Arduino.


I am a PhD student in physics, a passionated programmer, a vehement open-source user, a picky musician, and an aspiring artist.

In this blog I want to share my experiences, present the solutions I found to encountered problems and maybe help some other people out there facing similar challenges.